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  • 8Binary
  • Published on: November 24, 2014
  • Last modified: August 28, 2015

Review Summary:

An enormous welcome bonus and sky-high returns on winning trades are just 2 of the many perks you will enjoy at 8Binary. Go check it out!


Read our 8Binary Review before signing up!

Our 8Binary Review in bullets:

  • Award-winning trading platform
  • Sets itself apart from scam artists
  • Up to 325 percent returns
  • Up to 150 percent deposit bonus


If our 8Binary review would only have been about the styling of the website, this would not have ended well. Because this website is not the prettiest we’ve seen in our days. But more about that later. Because as a binary options trader, you’re probably more interested in the facts: which options can you trade, what profits can you make, and what kind of bonuses does 8Binary offer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because this is one very generous and well-equipped binary options broker. How generous and well equipped? Read more below in our 8Binary review.

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Is 8Binary the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to 8Binary.

8Binary Facts

Platform: TradeSmarter

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Swedish, Hungarian

Option types: High / Low, Turbo (30 Sec, 60 Sec, 2 Min, 5 Min)

Bonus: Up to 150%

Minimum deposit amount: $250

Minimum trading amount: $ 25

Maximum trading amount: $ 5,000

Return (High/Low): 85%

Remarks: 8Binary offers a lot of extras, plus is very keen on fighting scam artists, as they tell on their site. Could this be the trustworthy binary options broker we’re all looking for?

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8binary review

Full 8Binary Review

As we’ve started above in our 8Binary review, the black & gold styling of the website doesn’t give off the first impression this brokers deserves. Although this color scheme is used by many brokers, it doesn’t look particularly well on the 8Binary website. However, we’re not here to discuss design. We’re here to check out if this binary options broker is worthy of a spot in our Trusted Brokers section. For that, 8Binary will have to perform in this review. Next up: opening an account at 8Binary.

8Binary Accounts and Bonuses

8Binary offers you 3 types of accounts you can open. Many brokers offer multiple choices of accounts you can open, but 8Binary does something unusual. Instead of making one account type the clear winner (usually the one that’s just 1 or 2 steps from the bare minimum account), all 3 accounts look equally good. It’s not like at most brokers, where you get almost nothing when opening the minimum account. 8Binary offers you practically everything (including an interesting bonus!) from the lowest deposit amount. Below in our 8Binary review you can see the amounts and differences.

8binary review accounts

Standard Account ($250 – $999)

The 8Binary Standard Account is actually a great choice for starting traders. With a minimum deposit amount of 250 dollar, you can get a bonus of up to 50 percent. So we can easily say that this is 1 of the most generous brokers in the market as far as bonuses go. The list of other things you get with your Standard Account at 8Binary is too long for our review. But we have picked out some important features:

  • A bonus of up to 50 percent
  • A 30-minute 1-on-1 training session
  • 24/7 support
  • A personal Account Manager
  • Access to Social Trading
  • Access to the Sellback Early Function

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Gold Account ($1,000 – $4,999)

Usually, the Gold Account offers much more than the minimum account. But at 8Binary, they have chosen to spread the benefits equally. However, there are some perks to opening a Gold Account:

  • Everything you get with a Standard Account
  • A bonus of up to 100 percent
  • A 1-on-1 training session of up to 3 hours

>>Open Your Gold Account Now<<

VIP Account ($5,000+)

As in every review, we save the best account for last. In our 8Binary review, this is the VIP account. This account doesn’t require a massive investment of over 10,000 or even 25,000 dollar. 8Binary has set the threshold comfortably low at only 5,000 dollar. And for that, you get some nice extras:

  • Everything the Gold Account offers
  • A Bonus of up to 150 percent
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 training sessions
  • Access to the StrategiX platform
  • Access to a dedicated market analyst

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Trading With 8Binary

In our 8Binary review section about the trading room, we can keep it short: this is one of the few brokers working with the TradeSmarter platform. It’s not the most popular trading platform in the market, but we do think it’s a great platform for basic binary options trading. Especially binary options traders that are new to this type of trading, will benefit from the clean look and easy navigation.

8binary review

We especially love 8Binary’s new trading room candle layout (shown above). It not only gives you a better view of what the underlying asset is doing, but it also shows you the trader sentiment, which can be a big help. This is one of the Social Trading extras at 8Binary.

Types of Options

8Binary is not the most well-equipped broker when it comes to option types. You can only choose options based on the high / low principle. These can range from as little as 30 seconds to as far as 6 months in the future. Trading these binary options is easy, as 8Binary explains in a simple image below.

8binary review trading

Extra Trading Tools

For the more advanced trader, 8Binary offers some extra tools. Some of these were already mentioned above in our 8Binary review. So if you were wondering what they were: here’s your answer.

StrategiX – Although 8Binary is not the only broker on the market offering this trading tool, it still is a quite unique experience. Available only to VIP Account holders, this tool allows you to maximize control over your trades with optimal visualization tools. 8Binary even offers Range, Touch and No Touch trading on this cutting-edge StrategiX platform.

Social Trading – With 8Binary, you can enter 1 of the largest Social Trading Networks available on the web. With a special Social Chart, a Social Feed and your own Social Trading Profile, you can keep in touch with other traders and share knowledge about binary options, benefiting from each other’s skills. Be sure to activate this future at 8Binary!

Binary Options Signals – VIP Account holders can even connect to 8Binary’s Binary Options Signals Robot, which can help place the right trades, which offers signals from senior brokers and expert analysts.

8Binary Trader Support

Our 8Binary review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this broker’s elaborate education section. Apart from the standard Trade Glossary, account holders can get a lot of use out of the great videos and webinars 8Binary hosts. And if you’re a VIP, you can check out 8Binary’s VIP Training.

But support is also helping traders when they’re stuck at some point. 8Binary’s 24/7 Customer Support can be reached via multiple email addresses, live chat, telephone, and even a UK office address. So you won’t ever have to worry about not being able to reach 8Binary.

To Sum Up Our 8Binary Review

Our 8Binary review shows you a binary options broker that may not have all the binary option types. However, you do get a lot of extras and a generous bonus. And to most traders, that means a whole lot more than those exotic option types they’ll probably never try out. So if you’re looking for a broker that has a great trading platform, high bonuses, and solid customer support, take a look at 8Binary.

Start Trading With 8Binary Now!

Is 8Binary the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to 8Binary.


Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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  1. Really good platform, I signed up after seeing this artcile and yes their customer service and products are second to none.
    Also made my first withdraw a couple of days ago for $6,000 and it came into my account today
    Could not be any happier!!

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  2. I have trading account with 4 Binary options brokers, my broker of choice now is 8binary.

    2 reasons I can stress now:
    the 60 seconds trading is based on minutes slots that are preset with published expiry prices as apposed to 60 seconds starting from the second you execute where the broker can claim anything in terms of you losing your position, for me this shows transparency and honesty.

    The second is Strategix, which is a state-of-the-art method of trading, the ranges are dynamic (you decide your payout and risk level)

    I would definitely recommend 8binary.com


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  3. Amazing site and platform, fast withdrawls and training is great from the guys there

    I always use 8binary.com

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