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  • abcOptions
  • Published on: July 25, 2014
  • Last modified: August 28, 2015

Review Summary:

Binary Options Reporter's Newcomer of the Year 2013. Terrific bonus plan, low deposit requirements, and the award-winning Tradologic platform make for the perfect trading recipe. Make sure you watch out for their promotions, they're the best in the field!


Read Our abcOptions Review Before Signing Up

Our abcOptions Review in bullets:

  • One of the longest asset lists
  • High returns
  • Great trader support
  • Attractive Bonus plan
  • Low minimum trading amount


abcOptions was very recently added to the list of binary options brokers, but has already proven that you don’t need years of experience to offer a great product. abcOptions has chosen to offer just that little bit extra, compared to the other brokers. That means a lot of choice for the broker when it comes to underlying assets, option types, trading facilities, and many more things that make trading more fun. Needless to say the competition wasn’t to thrilled when abcOptions hit the market, with traders switching to check out this new kid on the block. Today this versatility is still one of the reasons the hype of abcOptions became a constant upward trend. So if you are looking to trade at a broker that offers just that little bit extra, be sure to check out abcOptions.

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abcoptions review

abcOptions Facts

Languages​​: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch

Types of Options: High / Low, One Touch, Range, Turbo

Bonus: Up to 100% welcome bonus

Minimum initial deposit: €/$/£100

Minimum trading amount: €/$/£10

Maximum trading amount: €/$/£1,250

Currencies: €, $, £

Return (High/Low): Up to 85%

Payment Methods: Mastercard, iDEAL Visa, Neosurf, Paysafecard, Bank Wire Transfer, NETELLER

Remarks: abcOptions is one of the more recent binary options brokers on the market, but already has established a firm position. The competition has to really look out for this one!

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Full abcOptions Review

Our abcOptions review is a tricky one. Since this is a fairly new broker, how can it measure up to the already established great brokers like ZoomTrader, Banc de Binary and anyoption? It would seem almost impossible to take on the big buys in binary options brokers land. But – with the risk of giving away too much information already – abcOptions has done a great job! This broker’s strategy has been a remarkable one.

abcOptions hasn’t been a completely innovative broker that took on a whole new direction compared to other binary options brokers. But abcOptions hasn’t quite been a ‘me too’ kind of binary options broker either, like we see all the time. These last types (the ‘me too’ ones) usually don’t get very far or last very long. And a lot of innovative, whole new way kind of brokers end up without any clients because no one gets what they offer. So abcOptions did a little bit of both: closely monitor their most successful competitors, then do what they did, then add a little. You can read the rest of the success story below, in our abcOptions review.

abcOptions Accounts and Bonuses

abcOptions is, as far as the maximum bonus is concerned, as generous as most binary options brokers. This means that you can count on a maximum bonus of 100 percent on your initial deposit if you sign up at abcOptions. Also, it is not a bonus abcOptions likes to get out in the open. So they tend to keep this information to themselves, and only tell you this in a personal conversation – like a lot of binary options brokers do. Again, no surprises here when it comes to abcOptions.

So when it comes to abcOptions bonuses, it’s nothing particularly special, you might say. But wait. You haven’t heard the whole story yet…

abcoptions review accounts

Mini Account Bonus

The strength of the abcOptions bonus lies not in the maximum percentage of 100 percent, but in the minimum amount you need to deposit to get a bonus. Granted, we are not talking about 100 percent here, but still… If you sign up for an abcOptions Mini Account, you can enjoy amenities traders at other brokers will only get with much higher deposits. This makes it all the more interesting for starting traders to open an account at abcOptions.

abcOptions offers a very nice 30 percent bonus when you open a Mini Account with a minimum deposit of only 200 dollars. For this money, other binary options brokers often offer no deposit at all. And that is not where the perks stop. Because if you open a Mini Account and make the minimum deposit of 200 dollars, abcOptions throws in a range of free e-books which will help you learn more about binary options trading and make the most of every trade. This already is a package deal we never see among binary options brokers, but abcOptions still wasn’t convinced. So, they added free trading signals. We dare you to find another binary options broker that offers this for only a minimum deposit of 200 dollars. This is something that we have yet only seen at abcOptions.

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abcOptions Trading: The Types of Options

When your abcOptions account is set up, it is time to start trading. If you thought signing up for an account went well, wait to see what abcOptions has in store for trading! It starts with the enormous (there is no other way to put it, it truly is enormous) list of underlying assets you can choose from at abcOptions. No less than 163 underlying assets are at the trader’s disposal. This again is a lot more than we usually come across. There are still many binary options brokers that don’t even get to 100 underlying assets. Some, maybe 1 or 2, may offer just a little under 150 underlying assets. But 163 is an amount you definitely don’t see every day – unless you work at abcOptions, of course.

AbcOptions allows you to trade these underlying assets using a variety of binary option types. One of these binary option types is even unique to the market, and something (yes, again) that you don’t see at any other binary options broker. But we’ll come to that a little bit later. Below you can read about all the different binary option types you can get your hands on at abcOptions.

Digital or High / Low

abcOptions is no stranger to the world’s most famous binary options. This binary options broker too offers the Digital or High / Low binary options. For the (relatively) inexperienced trader, High / Low binary options are the perfect way to get your first taste of trading binary options. The only thing you have to choose, is if the price will go up or down! And with the user friendly abcOptions trading platform – which we will discuss further below – making your first steps in binary options trading is easy!


What is that unique type of options abcOptions offers? Well, it’s not Touch binary options. These options, which are nothing new to the more experienced binary options trader, are a very common trading product among brokers. With these options, you predict if the price will hit a certain value before (not when, but before) the trade expires. Usually, these trades expire pretty quickly, so it might take some practice before you get good at trading these at abcOptions.


A little less common, but still not too rare and definitely not an ‘abcOptions only’ type of binary options are the Range binary options. Although these are not the easiest trading product we know in the binary options field, abcOptions makes trading Range binary options a little easier by providing an easy-to-use and intuitively working platform. When trading Range binary options, you predict if a price will stay within a certain range – hence the name. This is a very popular type of binary options with markets and underlying assets with stable prices that show little to no fluctuations.


Turbo binary options are a little closer to what makes abcOptions so unique. These options, which expire in 5 minutes or less, have become increasingly popular among traders. They essentially work like regular High / Low binary options, but because these trades are so quick, traders have a chance to make money really fast. Of course this also means that there is a higher risk involved. abcOptions offers Turbo binary options that expire in a time span that ranges from 5 minutes to as short as 15 seconds.

15 Seconds Turbo Binary Options

abcOptions is the only binary options broker known today that offers Turbo binary options that expire in only 15 seconds. Trading in the blink of an eye, you might say. These Super Turbo binary options even beat 24Option’s 30 seconds binary options when it comes to fast trading. These options allow for you to make money in 15 seconds. Of course, as we’ve mentioned above, this comes at a price: there is a high risk involved. But if you want to try something else and see if you can make money in 15 seconds, try these brand new Super Turbo binary options from abcOptions.

abcOptions review

abcOptions Trading: The Platform

abcOptions uses the same Tradologic technology for its platform as ZoomTrader, for instance. This Tradologic platform is known for outstanding usability and reliability, and makes trading a fun and easy-going experience. And if your trade at abcOptions turns out to be in the money, you can count on a return of up to 81 percent (on High / Low binary options, other types of options might give even higher returns!). Needless to say we like the Tradologic platform very much and can only be positive about it – just like we are in the rest of the abcOptions review so far.

Placing a Binary Options Trade Step By Step

Placing a trade at abcOptions is very simple and done in just a few seconds. For this example we like to use the High / Low (or Digital, as abcOptions calls them) binary options. You can see a screenshot of the abcOptions trading room in the screenshot shown above. As you can see, it is pretty much self explanatory: you have a list of underlying assets at the left, the graphs and a few buttons in the middle, and the additional info plus the button to start the trade on your right. If you have any questions during the placing of the trade, you can click on the box at the bottom on the right or even type your question in the dialogue box directly. So you see: easy does it at abcOptions.

Step 1: Choose Your Underlying Asset

abcOptions offers one of the largest lists of underlying assets known to the binary options world. Fortunately, these underlying assets are divided into 4 main groups (Currencies, Indices, Stocks, and Commodities) to make navigating through the long list a lot easier. Selecting your favorite underlying asset is just a matter of a single click. All your favorites are represented, such as the NASDAQ and Dow Jones indices, EUR/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs, Apple and Nike stocks, Crude and Gold commodities, and many more. You can view the whole underlying asset list at abcOptions.

>>View underlying asset list<<

Step 2: Choose The Expiry Time

After you have chosen an underlying asset, you can choose the expiry time. For High / Low binary options, abcOptions offers many different expiry times, varying from 10 minutes to 1 or even 2 months. So there is a chance for you to make a quick buck or 2, but also to place some long term trades.

Step 3: Choose If the Price Goes Up (Call) or Down (Put)

Next, abcOptions lets you provide an answer to the 1 single question High / Low binary options revolve around: will the price go up, or will it go down? Answering this question (once you have made your mind up) is easy. Just press the green button with the upward arrow if you think the price will go up, or the red button with the downward arrow if you think the price will go down. abcOptions could not have made it any easier.

Step 4: Set Your Trade

The only thing left to do, is tell abcOptions how much you want to invest. After you have clicked either the green or the red button (depending on your choice), the right part of the screen becomes active. Here you set the amount you want to invest. After that, you click ‘Start Trade’, and the trade becomes active. And that is how easy you place a trade at abcOptions.

abcOptions Trading Academy

The abcOptions Trading Academy is (again) something special. Where most brokers mainly focus on new and inexperienced traders and how to provide them with the best info, abcOptions divides traders into 2 groups: Beginners and Advanced. Beginners have 3 sections to choose from: Video On Demand, Binary Options, and Binary eBook. Advanced traders can also use the abcOptions Video On Demand section.

Video On Demand

The abcOptions Video On Demand section shows a list of videos that will help you make the most of your trades, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Beginners can take Video courses that teach the basics. For the advanced traders, abcOptions offers videos on more complex subjects, such as recognizing patterns and the 10/30 rule.

Binary Options

In the Binary Options section, abcOptions tells you all about – surprise, surprise – binary options. But not just about what they are. There are also videos on trading psychology, financial management, and market analysis. These might come in very handy when you start trading at abcOptions.

Binary eBook

The Binary eBook offers parts of what abcOptions also tells you in their other 2 sections, but in the form of a nice read. The eBook contains important subjects like how and when to trade.

abcOptions Trader Support

abcOptions offers a very friendly and professional customer service to all traders that may need a little help. Apart from the obvious email address and online form, you can also choose to contact abcOptions via Skype, telephone and Live Chat. You could even try sending them a postcard at the address listed on the website, although that might take a while to get to abcOptions.

To Sum Up Our abcOptions Review

abcOptions really surprised us when they came to the market last year. Never have we seen a new broker launch it services, and deliver this much quality right from the start. abcOptions just offers a little bit (or sometimes even a lot) more of everything compared to the other binary options brokers. And that is exactly why more and more traders start trading at abcOption.

Start Trading With abcOptions Now!

Is abcOptions the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to abcOptions.



Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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