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  • anyoption
  • Published on: September 15, 2010
  • Last modified: September 9, 2015

Review Summary:

Our personal favorite. The platforms are innovative and unlike anything you'll find anywhere else. Try the Option+ and Binary 0-100 platforms - you'll love them!


Read Our anyoption Review Before Signing Up

Our anyoption Review in bullets:

  • EU Regulated
  • Accessible with low trading minimum
  • Great Bonus and Cash Back plan
  • Every payment option available
  • Innovative trading solutions


anyoption has been around the block more than a few times, and has put every bit of their binary options experience into offering you one of the best trading platforms today. As one of the first binary options brokers on the market, anyoption entered the market and almost instantly established a solid position. The success that came after that, can only be described as a suitable reward for the product anyoption had launched into the market. By offering a variety of trading platforms other brokers simply cannot match, anyoption knows how to stay ahead of the competition – every time. This is why traders as well as critics have come to love anyoption.

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anyoption Facts

Languages​​: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish

Types of Options: High / Low, One Touch, Binary 0-100, Option+, Specials (Bitcoin and Alibaba)

Bonus: Personal ‘case by case’

Cash Back: Up to 20%

Minimum account size: $/€/£ 200

Minimum initial deposit: $/€/£ 200

Minimum trading amount: $/€/£ 10

Maximum trading amount: $/€/£ 20,000

Currencies: $, €, £

Return (High/Low): Around 82%

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Giropay, Direct24, ESP, Poli, Santander, La Caixa, ACH e-check, you cash, Ukash, iDeal, Teleingresso, HSBC Bank, Moneta, webmoney, Dineromail

Remarks: A very well regulated and probably the most innovative binary options broker on the market today

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Full anyoption Review

Our anyoption review covers all ins and outs of this Cypriot binary options broker. Don’t be surprised if some of the things you read will sound completely new and unknown, because that is one of the great powers of anyoption: bringing you a blend of binary options trading possibilities no other broker will be able to match. The cutting-edge trading platforms used by anyoption are unparalleled in the binary options world up to date. Where other binary options brokers, for example, constantly innovate to optimize their platforms, anyoption takes a bit of that time to keep coming up with new trading solutions that rock the binary options world. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. There is only 1 way to find out: read our full anyoption review.

anyoption Accounts and Bonuses

When it comes to accounts, anyoption keeps its cards close to its chest. Signing up is easy, but finding out what you get for signing up isn’t. We do know, however, that there is a bonus involved when making your first deposit. anyoption hands these bonuses out on a ‘case by case’ basis, which mean they look at each account individually and determine the bonus amount. So where other binary options brokers seem to only take into account the amount you will be depositing, anyoption also wants to review some other information. We assume that other factors may include country of origin and a check with statistics to determine the quality of the new account. Then again, maybe they just don’t want other brokers to know what kind of bonuses they hand out. Until anyoption publishes their bonus percentages, we can only guess. The only thing we do know for sure, is that you do get a bonus at anyoption.

What anyoption does want us to know, is that you can receive interesting cash backs on out of the money trades. So when your options aren’t returning any money, anyoption will. These cash backs can vary from 5 to 25 percent on losing trades, depending on the profit you choose. The actual amount will be based on the type of trade, the underlying asset, and the invested amount. This sets anyoption apart from the competition. In most cases, binary options brokers pay no refund at all when a trade ends out of the money.

anyoption review

anyoption Trading: The Types of Options

anyoption truly sets itself apart from the competition when it comes to the trading possibilities. There is just no other way to put it. This binary options broker is one of a kind and has yet to meet its match when it comes to the trading possibilities anyoption offers. This unique blend of well-known binary options, such as your typical High / Low and One Touch, and innovative, never seen before binary options, such as Option+, Binary 0-100, and Specials, is why so many traders stick with anyoption. And not just the advanced traders. Many binary options traders start their career at anyoption and never leave. And that is because whatever the competition offers, is matched (and exceeded) by anyoption.

Binary Options

No self-respecting binary options broker can offer a range of options and leave out the traditional High / Low trading product. anyoption is no exception to this rule. This broker, however, offers High / Low options in a very attractive package with an outstanding binary options trading platform. We will discuss the platform more thoroughly later on. But for now, we can at least say that it offers everything you need (including support) in just one simple click. The way this platform is laid out, you can really tell why so many traders choose anyoption.

One Touch

Of course, the immensely popular One Touch binary options can also be found at anyoption. anyoption offers this trading product every weekend between Friday after trading hours and Sunday evening. The binary options broker specifically points out that traders should read the general conditions of this option before trading. Here you can really notice the benefits of a broker that is as strictly regulated as anyoption.

anyoption review one touch


So one day, anyoption looked at the binary options trading process, and thought: How can we make this simpler? And then they did. Option+ allows you to trade with just 1 click. The whole idea is basically the same as with anyoption’s standard binary options, only with most values already chosen. So you have decided which underlying asset you want to trade, you’ve decided which amount you want to invest, and now you can place this trade by just clicking Call or Put. Sometimes, the answer is just that simple. And it makes a huge difference. Another ingenious idea by anyoption.

Binary 0-100

The same 1 click principal as with Option+ goes for anyoption’s all new Binary 0-100 platform. Here, you can choose to either buy or sell by clicking the corresponding button. Your investment risk is the purchasing or selling price of the underlying asset. The potential return is the difference between the purchasing or selling price and 100. So 100 minus the price equals the potential return. The result is an anyoption trading platform that offers probably one of the best correlations between risk and return. So if you feel like making money, you can try and go for returns as high as 1,000 percent (100 times your investment)! But remember: you will have to accept the risk involved. This is a fairly new, but also extremely good idea by anyoption.


anyoption is the only binary options trader which offers Option+ and Binary 0-100. And that is not all. Because the anyoption trading platform shows another tab at the top: Special. When you click this tab, you go to a platform where you can speculate the price of the Bitcoin (Bitcoin 60 and Bitcoin 100). You can also choose to trade Alibaba binary options here. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce platform which is only featured at anyoption.

anyoption Trading: The Platform

anyoption makes trading very easy. The Option+ platform may be the most simplified way of trading binary options, but the regular anyoption platform is great for simple trading, too. The Binary Options platform is very clear and transparently set up, and shows you 4 different prices on which you can trade binary options at once. And even in this platform, which seems to be just like any other at first glance, anyoption manages to sneak in a few cool extras, such as the one you see below.

anyoption review

anyoption is the only binary options broker we know that offers this feature. You activate it by clicking the ‘i’ icon on the left. It shows every step of the trade, which we will also explain below. Apart from that, there is a link below the trading prices that takes you to the educational center, which we will discuss further below. And if you scroll even further down, you can see trading trends (what are other traders doing at anyoption?), the top 5 trades made at anyoption, and the financial news. All 3 are there to help you make a better decision on what and how to trade. Of course, you can also use icons at the left to get in touch with the friendly customer service agents (discussed further below). Now here are the steps (in random order, except for the last one) you take to place a trade at anyoption.

Choose underlying Asset

A trade at anyoption can best be started by choosing the underlying asset. This is probably the hardest decision you will have to make, with a choice of about 150 underlying assets. These underlying assets are neatly categorized to improve readability and trading ease. If you have finally chosen your underlying asset (you can choose up to 4 at the same time), you can move on to the next step of trading at anyoption.

Set Amount

Here you can clearly see anyoption just puts a little more thought into everything than most binary options brokers do. anyoption has found that a lot of binary options traders are clueless as to what amount they should invest – especially when trading binary options for the first time. So, to make this choice a little easier, anyoption provides the trader with 4 amounts to choose from, plus 1 option saying ‘other’. If you click on ‘other’, you can type in any amount you would like to invest. This can be anything from 10 to 20,000 (providing that you have an account at anyoption that has that much money on it).

Set Profit

Again, anyoption shows us here they have just thought everything a little more through than the average binary options broker. Not many brokers let you choose your own profit percentage. How it works, is that you choose a profit percentage, which corresponds with a refund amount. This way anyoption offers you a choice to optimize the balance between risk and reward. As you can see in the image below, a higher profit comes with a lower return.

anyoption review trading

Set Expiry

Part of the standard procedure at any binary options broker is setting the expiry time for your trade. anyoption is no different from other brokers when it comes to this. You can choose from multiple options (if there are enough between trading time and closing time), plus the option ‘Nearest’. This means you don’t have to calculate anything, you can just use the nearest closing time.

Set Call or Put

Of course, you cannot place a trade at anyoption without choosing whether the price will go up or down. When Call (Up) or Put (Down) is clicked, the trade starts.

anyoption Trading Competition

anyoption doesn’t offer a trading competition like 24Option does, but the website of the binary options broker does show a list of Top 5 Trades. You can view this list for the last day, last week, and last month. This way you can see which traders have already made great profits at anyoption, and be inspired to do the same.

anyoption Trading Academy

anyoption has a very extensive learning section that features courses and a rich information database for beginners and advanced traders. You can choose from a long list of helpful sources, such as trading guides, Video On Demand (Beginners & Advanced), Product Tutorials, an eBook, and articles. anyoption also has their own blog which offers numerous articles which you can read to gain more insight on binary options trading, market prices of various underlying assets, and much more. Many interesting stories are featured on the anyoption Blog.

anyoption review academy

Another feature only anyoption offers, is a Live Social Trading tool which shows what other traders have just invested in. You can view the country, the underlying asset, and the amount. This way anyoption offers you a little extra inspiration and insight for your next trades.

anyoption Trader Support

A regulated binary options broker such as anyoption cannot operate properly without a very well working customer support section. Traders can therefore rely on many ways to contact anyoption. The most logical is probably filling out the form on the contact page, but you can also send an email to the customer service agents at anyoption. And if you require an immediate answer to your question, you can even use the live chat function on the website, or use one of the many phone numbers listed on the website. Traders from 17 countries including the UK, the US, Argentina, Bahrain, China, Cyprus, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, and Turkey can call using a national phone number. Traders from all other countries can use a general UK phone number to contact anyoption.

To Sum Up Our anyoption Review

anyoption calls itself a leader and a pioneer in the binary options world, and we must admit: they are. Just look at the many things we’ve summed up in our anyoptions review that this binary options broker has and others don’t have. It is just amazing how this broker uses innovation to keep its position as a leader, and succeeds at always being one step ahead of the competition. Aren’t these all gimmicks that wear off after a while? Perhaps, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least have tried them out. We really do like anyoption for the binary options broker that it is. To put it very bluntly: anyoption has balls. And you need those too, if you want to start trading binary options. So we can’t see any reason why a binary options trader wouldn’t feel right at home at anyoption.

Start Trading With anyoption Now!

Is anyoption the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to anyoption.


Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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