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  • Published on: September 15, 2010
  • Last modified: September 11, 2015

Review Summary:

A great starting point for aspiring traders, and an even better broker for professional traders. If you want to have all the tools to become successful, go to Banc de Binary.


Read Our Banc de Binary Review Before Signing Up

Our Banc de Binary Review in bullets:

  • The #1 choice for serious traders
  • Many options and underlying assets
  • Low trading threshold and a safeguard
  • Tailor-made trading on 3 platforms


Is Banc de Binary the best binary options broker in the market today? Many do believe so. They actually have 14 awards to prove that they are. And with over 250.000 traders visiting Banc de Binary from more than 100 countries, this binary options broker is also definitely one of the largest and most successful in the market. If you are a serious binary options trader looking for a platform that allows you to customize virtually any variable in the trading process, Banc de Binary is the broker you should visit. The platform, called BinaryMETA, truly stands out from all the other platforms in terms of the amount of control the trader has over every investment, allowing you to create your own perfect balance between risk and return. But also the smaller or less experienced trader can easily trade options with the other, more accessible, platforms. Find out for yourself what makes this binary options broker so successful, and join Banc de Binary today!

Start Trading With Banc de Binary Now!

Is Banc de Binary the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to Banc de Binary.

Banc de Binary Facts

Languages​​: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Japanese

Underlying assets: 190

Bonus: Up to 100% welcome bonus

Minimum initial deposit: €/$/£250

Minimum account size: €/$/£250 (micro account) / €/$/£2,500 (standard account) / €/$/£50 000 (VIP Lions Club Account)

Minimum trading amount: €/$/£1

Maximum trading amount: €/$/£3,000

Return (High/Low): Up to 91%

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Moneybookers, Alertpay, Transfer

Remarks: Banc de Binary is considered to be the #1 choice among serious binary options traders. The FSA regulated broker with the most sophisticated platform.

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Full Banc de Binary Review

So Banc de Binary is considered to be the favorite broker among serious binary options traders. This self-proclaimed private options banker is not only accessible to high rollers and extremely experienced traders, though. With a minimum trading amount of just 1 dollar, anyone can place a trade and experience binary options trading virtually risk-free. However, the fun really starts when you get the hang of Banc de Binary’s BinaryMETA platform (explained further below). No other binary options broker offers a system that comes even close to the functionalities that you have access to, and the control you have over your trades. In 2009, Banc de Binary set the standard for binary options trading. And very few, maybe none, have ever come close to competing on this binary options broker’s level. Let’s face it: 250.000 traders worldwide can’t be wrong, can they? Probably not. That is why you should definitely read the rest of our Banc de Binary review.

Banc de Binary Accounts and Bonuses

Before you start trading at Banc de Binary, you must open an account. There are 4 different accounts this binary options broker lets you choose from, starting with a minimum initial deposit of only 250 dollars. This is enough to let you enjoy all trading platforms and underlying assets. However, if you really want red carpet service and the best support, you will have to invest a little more. And if you do, Banc de Binary has some great offers in return.

banc de binary review accounts

Bronze Account

The list of Banc de Binary accounts begins with the Bronze Account. This is the so-called light account, offering you full access to all trading platforms and all of the 190 underlying assets. Also, you can enjoy 2 webinars per month as well as daily market reviews and financial research from Banc de Binary.

Silver Account (most popular)

The more experienced (or more confident) trader is more likely to consider Banc de Binary’s Silver Account, though. Apart from all the amenities your fellow traders with the Bronze Account get, you as a Silver Account holder will also enjoy a first deposit bonus and many more amenities you can see above. To receive this bonus and become a Silver Account member, you will have to deposit at least 2,500 dollars to your Banc de Binary account.

Gold Account

Is this still not enough for you? Banc de Binary has a few more accounts that are more up the serious trader’s alley. The Gold Account requires the smallest deposit of these larger accounts. For 5,000 dollars, you can enjoy everything a Silver Account holder gets from Banc de Binary, plus a range of extras, which you can see above.

banc de binary review lion premium

Lion Premium Accounts

All of Banc de Binary’s accounts mentioned above offer nothing compared to the Banc de Binary Lion Premium  Accounts. Only for elite traders who are willing to invest over 10,000 dollars, the binary options broker will make your trading experience . Of course, you get every benefit that all other account holders may enjoy. On top of that, you have first access to all option contracts. Also, this elite club can rest assured that they will never experience liquidity issues. So if you really want the best red carpet service, become a Banc de Binary Lion Premium Account holder.

Exclusive Accounts

But nothing in the whole world of binary options compares to the Banc de Binary Exclusive Accounts. This invite-only elite club starts at $100,000 and enjoys service Lion Premium Platinum Accounts can only dream of. We can’t disclose the details of this luxurious service, but you can rest assured, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Islamic Trading Accounts

Banc de Binary, as the first international binary options broker, offers special trading accounts for Islamic customers. Open trades for Islamic account holders will always be free of interest, regardless of the period they remain open. Binary options positions can remain open as long as the account holder pleases. Also, the binary options broker recognizes the importance of hibah. That is why contributing to charity is made easy for Islamic customers of Banc de Binary.

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Banc de Binary Trading: The Types of Options

Banc de Binary offers a wide range of options you can choose to trade. Of course, every regular type of binary options is available to the trader. Not a very surprising list, but a well-selected blend of the most important financial products you can find on the binary market. Plus a new and Banc de Binary Exclusive type of options coming soon.

Binary Options

What Banc de Binary calls ‘binary options’, the rest of the world calls High / Low or Digital binary options. As with every competitor in the market, this is by far the most popular trading product Banc de Binary offers. With the great platform, these are fun to trade and easy to manage – even if you have 10 open trades at the same time. Place a couple of trades, and it is easy to see why so many traders choose Banc de Binary over the competitors.


Pair trading is a very different sport within the binary options trading community, but nevertheless a very popular one. Not every binary options broker will offer this type of trading, but Banc de Binary does. And the platform on which you can trade is so ingenious, so well-designed, that it is absolutely worth an extra look. That is why below we offer a screenshot.

banc de binary review

Long Term

Not every Banc de Binary member wants to trade options that will hardly last a minute. Some want to place trades that expire weeks, maybe even months from now. Especially for the long-term traders, there is a platform that offers expiry times as far as 5 months into the future at Banc de Binary.

Sixty Seconds

The opposite of Long Term? Banc de Binary’s 60 Seconds binary options. These love-it-or-hate-it (mostly love-it, judging by the popularity) options are the perfect product for traders looking to make a quick buck – and willing to take the extra risk. In just a minute, Banc de Binary lets you know whether you are in the money or out of the money. Easy as that.

One Touch

One Touch binary options are becoming increasingly popular with traders that want to place high yield trades. As with every binary option, high yield means high risk. At Banc de Binary, just like pair trading, this type of options is offered on such a well-crafted platform, it deserves extra mentioning and a screenshot. Look below to see what trading One Touch binary options looks like at Banc de Binary.

banc de binary review


This is Banc de Binary’s new and exclusive type of binary options. The explanation is slightly vague, but it is supposed to be the ultimate combination between binary options and Vanilla options. We honestly have no idea what that must look like, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on, since it is a Banc de Binary product and therefore is likely to be extremely good.

Banc de Binary Trading: The Platform

Banc de binary’s platform is the most appraised platform around the world when it comes to binary options trading. There is no competitor which offers a platform so beautifully laid out and designed. Especially worth mentioning is the multi-view option that lets you keep track of 10 prices at the same time. Below you can see a screenshot of (a part of) this platform and a step-by-step guide on how to trade High / Low binary options at Banc de Binary.

banc de binary review

Placing a Trade – Step 1: View the Graph

Placing a trade on Banc de Binary’s platform is a very simple process which requires only a few minor steps. But before you start selecting the parameters of your trade, first check the graph. You can do this by clicking the graph symbol on the extreme right of the trading bar. You can set the graph to different time frames, varying from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

Placing a Trade – Step 2: Selecting the Asset

After watching the graph (Banc de Binary is one of the very few brokers to use real time graphs, by the way), you choose an asset. In the standard mode of this platform, the most commonly traded assets are displayed. These can be easily set to the underlying assets you wish to trade – if you wish to trade different assets, that is. For this you can use the dropdown on the left side of the trading bar.

Placing a Trade – Step 3: Selecting the Expiry Time

When do you want the trade to expire? Banc de Binary lets you choose from a number of options, from only 10 minutes away to many months away (on the Long Term platform). Selecting is made easy by a dropdown menu that offers you a number of choices.

Placing a Trade – Step 4: Setting Your Investment

Next, you set the investment for your trade. In this box you can type in a number from 1 to 3000 (the minimum and maximum trading amount at Banc de Binary). Directly next to it, you see the potential payout (the payout for when you have a trade that is in the money). Below the percentage, there is an amount which will change when you change the amount of your investment.

Placing a Trade – Step 5: put or call?

This is the question all High / Low binary options trades revolve around. That is why it seems a bit strange Banc de Binary saves this one for last. Or might it be saving the best for last? Anyway, after you have chosen Up or Down, the trade will start.

banc de binary review e-book

Banc de Binary Education Center

Banc de Binary has one of the most elaborate educational sections you will find at any binary options broker. There is just too much to write about. Just imagine every question anyone could ever have. Banc de Binary answers them all in their Education Center. There are books, videos, video courses – and they are all free! After having read and seen everything in this section, binary options have no secrets left for you. You will know everything you will need to know, thanks to Banc de Binary.

Banc de Binary Trader Support

Banc de Binary claims that their customer support is award-winning. No less than 4 awards were given over the last years to Banc de Binary’s customer service. And it is That is a pretty bold claim. But having experienced the way they handle questions of traders and help them out, we can honestly say that Banc de Binary has one of the greatest customer support teams in the market. There is no end to the ways in which you can contact them. In virtually every major country where binary options are being traded, there is a Banc de Binary office with a postal address and a telephone number. And of course, you can reach them by email and live chat also.

To Sum Up Our Banc de Binary Review

What can we say about Banc de Binary, other than positive things? Those 14 awards did not come out of nowhere. They really offer first class service and an unparalleled binary options trading platform. Banc de Binary goes out of their way to make your trading experience as pleasant as possible. While many others call themselves the leading binary options broker in some specific area, Banc de Binary is the leading binary options broker in general. And there is a good reason for it: they are just that good. So if you are looking for a broker that offers the best facilities to the binary options trader, look no further. You have found it. It is called Banc de Binary.

Start Trading With Banc de Binary Now!

Is Banc de Binary the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to Banc de Binary.



Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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