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  • beeoptions
  • Published on: September 8, 2014
  • Last modified: September 16, 2015

Review Summary:

There is a certain excitement to trading at this broker, probably because of all the cool competitions and high bonuses. U.S. traders are welcome, too.


Read Our beeoptions Review Before Signing Up

Our beeoptions Review in short:

  • Crazy high Welcome Bonus
  • One Touch and Pair Trading
  • Nice amount of underlying assets
  • Good returns on winning trades


beeoptions, as you will read in this review, is not your typical binary options broker. It is a broker willing to go that extra mile for traders that demand immaculate service and a flawless binary options platform. That is why beeoptions regularly has special promotions, instead of the usual fixed conditions. This way there is always something new to expect at Beeoptions. When this broker started in 2012, it had a long way to go. And today, it looks like it did what it had to do. Learn more about this binary options broker by reading our full beeoptions review.

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beeoptions Facts

Platform: SpotOption

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian

Underlying assets: 130

Types of options: High/low, long-term, 60 seconds, one touch, pair trade

Bonus: up to 250%

Minimum account size: $ 250

Minimum first deposit: $ 250

Return (High / Low): up to 85%

Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Carte Bleue, Wire Transfer, e-Payment Card

Details: Accepts US, weekly bonus offers and raffles.

Remarks: a player who is still in the growth phase, but already stands out from other brokers.

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Full beeoptions Review

Our beeoptions review takes us back to 2012, when it all started for this binary options broker. Back then, most brokers were more conservative. The people behind beeoptions must have thought stirring things up in the binary options world couldn’t hurt. They began offering a product and service more usual for an online casino than a broker. (Not the actual options, though. Those are still very much like the ones at other brokers.) An approach which seems to have paid off, because beeoptions is currently gaining territory on the binary options field leaving some bigger names behind. But what is it that makes beeoptions so special? For one, it’s the 2013 TradeOpus Integrity Award that these guys have won. For the rest of the reasons, read our beeoptions review!

beeoptions Accounts and Bonuses

beeoptions takes a different approach to accounts and bonuses than most other brokers. Where most of its competitors choose a small bonus percentage even for the beginning traders that make a little deposit, beeoptions chooses to leave the bonus for all accounts but the smallest. However, there is a steep curve when it comes to the percentages for the different accounts. So if you have a little more than the bare minimum to spare, and you are into high bonuses, beeoptions is your broker!

beeoptions review

Basic Account ($250 – $499)

As we said above, the Basic Account at beeoptions is not a very interesting account if you are looking for extras, such as large bonuses. However, you do get the beeoptions E-Book and Investment Guide to help you take your first steps as a trader at beeoptions.

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Gold Account ($500 – $2,499)

Most traders at beeoptions will probably choose the Gold Account. This account helps you on your way with the same E-Book and Investment Guide as the Basic traders get. And that is only the beginning. Because with a beeoptions Gold Account also comes personal assistance from your own account manager and 1 1-on-1 session. To help you maximize your trading profit, you get 100 percent bonus plus 2 risk-free trades. Courtesy of beeoptions.

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Platinum Account ($2,500 – $9,999)

Of course, beeoptions Platinum Account holders get even more bang for their buck. You have all the perks a Gold Account holder will get. Only you can add a 125 percent bonus, a monthly 1-on-1 session with a Senior Analist, and 1 free month of Auto Trader.

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Diamond Account ($10,000 – $25,000)

For more tailor-made luxury, beeoptions can offer you a Diamond Account. 150 percent bonus, 3 risk-free trades, a weekly 1-on-1 with a Senior Analist, increased payouts on some of the underlying assets, and a free iPad are some of the benefits that come with wiring between $10,000 and $25,000 to beeoptions.

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Executive Account ($25,000+)

But if you want to see beeoptions go all out for you, you will have to get the Executive Account. This account is so exclusive, the binary options broker only discusses the terms in private. Contact your account manager if you can spare the 25,000 bucks to open up this account, and see what beeoptions can do for you.

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beeoptions Trading: The Types of Options

beeoptions is built on the SpotOption platform, which means there is a variety of binary options for the broker to offer. Luckily, beeoptions has chosen to offer a selection of all the most popular types of binary options, making it a very versatile broker which has a little bit for everyone in store. Below you can see a screenshot of just a little part of the beeoptions Trading Room.

beeoptions review

High / Low

No broker would be successful without High / Low binary options, and beeoptions is absolutely no exception to this rule. High / Low binary options can be traded using expiry terms of up to a few hours. beeoptions has put a lot of time into providing the perfect amount of information in the trading room using as little distracting elements as possible. In just a matter of seconds you have gone through all the steps and placed a trade at beeoptions.


Pair Trading is a less traded, but nonetheless very popular type of binary options, where the trader has to choose a pair of underlying assets (such as Apple vs. Google) and see which one will perform better. Payouts can be very high when the right part of the pair wins.

Long Term

beeoptions offers traders a way to spread their risk by combining the regular binary options with Long Term binary options. You can trade using expiry dates of over 9 months away.

Sixty Seconds

The exact opposite of Long Term binary options is offered by beeoptions when clicking the Sixty Seconds tab. This is actually a misleading name, derived from times when the only Turbo binary options were the ones that expired after 60 seconds. Today, you can still choose these binary options. But you can also choose ones that expire after 30, 120, 180, and 300 seconds. As with other binary options brokers, the payout per trade is a little lower, but the reward over time can be a lot higher if you keep your winning streak going at beeoptions.

One Touch

The increasingly popular One Touch binary options are now also available at beeoptions. These more specific binary options are not about the direction in which the price moves, but the actual price. If it touches or exceeds a certain value, payouts can be pretty high on these options.

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beeoptions Education Center

beeoptions is one of the more advanced brokers when it comes to educating traders. Just like the competition, beeoptions has a range of videos, webinars, e-books, and other training material. Most brokers will give you this, and stop there. But beeoptions likes to take it a little bit further. Read a few examples below.

Portfolio Rescue

Every trader can have a bad day and will have a bad day. The trick is not how to avoid it, but how to deal with it. For preventative measures as well as aftercare when experiencing a recent loss, a Sr. Financial Consultant at beeoptions can review your trading history or predictions and help you improve your trading. Also, this expert can teach you some tricks to become a better binary options trader at beeoptions.

Signal Trade Consultations

For more info on expiry rates and perfecting trading times, beeoptions can bring you into contact with one of their signal trade consultants. This expert can help you gain more insight and a better perspective on the financial market.

Self-Designed Training

No Educational Center has all the right ingredients for every trader. beeoptions understands that more than any other broker. That is why at beeoptions, you can design your own education plan. Contact the education department at beeoptions for more info.

beeoptions review

beeoptions Trader Support

When it comes to trader support, customer service at beeoptions is second to none. Not only can you email and live chat with customer support agents (as you should be able to at every binary options broker), but there is also a special phone number available in different countries (US Toll Free, Australia, Brazil, Spain, UK, France, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa). And if you are on Skype, so are they! So you see, there is always a way to get in contact with the customer service department at beeoptions.

To Sum Up Our beeoptions Review

As you have read in our review, beeoptions has a lot of aspects that apply to most SpotOption-based binary options brokers. The underlying assets and types of binary options, for example, are no shocking new discovery. The same goes for payment methods and minimum deposit requirements. There are many binary options brokers that handle these aspects exactly the same as beeoptions.

However, beeoptions has some very interesting things to offer that you won’t see at other binary options brokers. For one, we can’t think of a broker offering a 100 percent bonus to traders that deposit only 500 dollars. Or brokers that will put you 1-on-1 with an analyst that will review your portfolio with you. And we can say without a doubt that the ‘design your own training’ feature is an absolute first. And that is why we come across so positive in this beeoptions review.

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Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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