Instant Profit Method: scam or not?

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Clearly a scam. Don't put your money on this software. Click below for better alternatives.


Is Instant Profit Method a scam? Read our review!

When Instant Profit Method first came out, we were very excited to review it. Although it seemed like a scam, we hoped to find out the contrary. Because with such promising numbers, this could very well be the tool we were looking for. Then we signed up and got going. So was it everything we had hoped, or was Instant Profit Method a scam? Read our review and find out!

Instant Profit Method Review: the tool

Instant Profit Method is a binary options signals tool. This means it will give you signals (or rather: advice) on what to trade at which moment. For example: you log in and the tool tells you that the USD/EUR exchange rate will go up in the next 10 minutes. You click a button, and a trade will be placed on this underlying asset going up in the next 10 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Except that this tool doesn’t work. That’s right: Instant Profit Method is a scam with a high probability of you losing every last dime you have invested in it.

Why is Instant Profit Method a scam?

We believe Instant Profit Method is a scam, based on what we found out. The first giveaway was that many who have appraised this software compared trading to gambling. And that is crossing a dangerous line. Because when trading starts to be gambling, you will lose. Only those who use the right tools and knowledge, will come out winning. And when we say “the right tools”, we definitely don’t mean the scam that is Instant Profit Method.

Instant Profit Method Review: other opinions

Don’t just take it from us; take it from the rest of the Internet. Everywhere we’ve looked, we saw people who lost money on this bot. Some may have ‘the edge’ – the temporary winning sensation gamblers often refer to – in the forst few trades, but everyone ends up losing. So do as the people of Instant Profit Method say: put away your wallet. And don’t ever take it out to invest money using this scam.

Instant Profit Method is a scam, but there is good news

So Instant Profit Method is a scam. However, there is some good news. There are a number of binary option signal bots you can try to make money online. Look at these binary options signals tools, for example:


Ultimate4Trading has been recently released. Behind the bot is a team of professionals who know there way in the world of binary options. Read more about Ultimate4Trading here.

Bonus Busters

This is not so much a trading tool as it is a money making machine. The software is designed to get you the highest bonus and then make sure it is released, so you can withdraw your investment AND YOUR BONUS to your account. Read everything you need to know about Bonus Busters here.

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