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  • Published on: March 9, 2015
  • Last modified: August 6, 2015

Review Summary:

The combination of software and expert advice gives you that edge over other tools, which simply offer signals. A winning combination!


Scam or real? Read our Neo Signals Scam or Not Review!

Is Neo Signals a scam or not? In our review we will try to answer this question and hopefully, any other question you may have about this binary options signals service. Up front Neo Signals has an important feature that distinguishes this service from most of the bots out there today helping trades make profit (or scamming them out of their money): Neo Signals takes into account the human factor. How does it do that? And does it work? Find out in our full Neo Signals Scam or Not Review!

Neo Signals Scam or Not Review: the benefits

Let’s start off our Neo Signals review by looking at the benefits the developers have in store for you. According to them, the Neo Signals service offers:

  • Expert Analysis, 24/7
  • High profits you can make from home
  • Trade anytime, from anywhere
  • FREE registration – NO download required
  • First 2 months FREE


These and more benefits are at your immediate disposal after signing up. But should you sign up? Let’s answer that question in the rest of our Neo Signals Scam or Not review.

Neo Signals Scam or Not Review: What is it?

Our Neo Signals review differs from other reviews in the sense that this is not just a signals bot – like most of the other binary options trading tools we come across. Instead, what we’re looking at is a complete service. What is de difference between a bot and a service? Glad you ask. The difference is, that most binary options signal providers offer a software-based tool that helps you trade. However, Neo Signals uses software combined with an expert team. This way, you can take into account a broader set of factors instead of just the trading algorithms. So what does this matter? Find out in the next paragraph of our Neo Signals Scam or Not review, where we provide a more detailed explanation.

Why is Neo Signals any different from the competition?

As you read above in our Neo Signals Scam or Not review, this binary options signal service covers the whole trading spectrum, taking into account the mathematical as well as the human factor. It was developed at Moscow University, the heart of the binary options trading signal revolution. Here, a group of developers researched trading signals for 2 years to finally discover that software doesn’t cover everything. To explain it to you, let’s get technical with our Neo Signals Scam or Not review.

The Technical Explanation of Neo Signals

This part of the Neo Signals Scam or Not review can be a bit too technical for some. It describes in detail how this service works. If you want, you can skip it. You don’t need to know this part to work with Neo Signals.

neo signals scam or not review

The researchers of Moscow University that have worked on the Neo Signals service, have been researching the subject for over 2 years. In these 2 years, they first developed an algorithm, which they trademarked and implemented into a trading bot. This algorithm, like the algorithm in many bots today, analyzes the market and predicts future movement in underlying assets. But after many test rounds, the developers have found that the algorithm can only cover the mathematical equations under constant circumstances. That’s why the Neo Signals developers have introduced the human component. Trading experts watch the algorithms and are able to adjust any advice when the human factor influences the market. Think about freak occurrences such as 9/11, or smaller things like a storm. Because mathematical equations and algorithms don’t cover these factors, Neo Signals uses experts to take into account these occurrences and improve accuracy.

What You Need To Know about Neo Signals

Now back to the important part of our Neo Signals Scam or Not review: what you need to know. Because fancy words may sound interesting, but what’s in it for you? Well, you have an algorithm that predicts movement with a high accuracy, and experts that adjust predictions whenever the algorithm seems to be off due to human factors. Together, their goal is to keep the accuracy of signals above 80 percent. So how can you make use of Neo Signals? Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Sign up / log in
  2. Deposit a small investment
  3. Trade anywhere using the service
  4. Withdraw your profits

Neo Signals Scam or Not Review: Does it REALLY work?

Now, we answer the most important question of our Neo Signals Scam or Not review: does it work. In other words: is Neo Signals a scam or not? On paper, it all looks good. Software does most of the work, experts do the rest. But how does the service perform in reality?

neo signals scam or not review

In research for our Neo Signals Scam or Not review, we haven’t come across any critics yet who say the service is a scam or doesn’t work as well as the makers promise. We do, however, come across many happy users that trade using the service. So you can take their word for it. According to the critics, Neo Signals is no scam.

Neo Signals Scam or Not Review: How much does it cost?

Neo Signals is a paid service which you can use for free for 2 months. During this trial period, you can use the service without any additional cost. We haven’t spoken to any paying users to discover how much the service is, but we trust that it’s less than the profits you will make. And by then, you can decide for yourself to continue using the service or stop using Neo Signals.

>>Sign Up Now For Free!

Note that while Neo Signals is free to use, the binary options broker will ask for a deposit. This is the investment with which you will start making profit. This can be as little as 250 GBP/USD/EUR. However, with over 80 percent signal accuracy and returns above 80 percent on winning trades, this will turn into profit fast.

neo signals scam or not review

Okay, I want to use Neo Signals. Where do I start?

Have you read our full Neo Signals Scam or Not review, and do you want to try it yourself? Sign up right away! Just follow these 4 steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form to access the software.
  3. Set up your broker account in the second step.
  4. Deposit to trade for real profits right away!

Start Making Money Today!

Neo Signals Scam or Not Review: more info

To find out more about Neo Signals, you can visit their website Check out Neo Signals today and get your free binary options trading signals!

neo signals scam or not review

Note: Binary Options Reporter has no personal experience with using Neo Signals. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held responsible and / or liable for any loss that occurred as a consequence of the use of our website, the information it contains, or any other reason. There is always a risk of losing money when trading binary options.

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