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  • Published on: October 27, 2015
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Review Summary:

No other broker offers this level of personal attention. Truly a great addition to the market. If it's service you want, sign up at this broker.


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Our Spear Trader Review in bullets:

  • Low minimum trading amount
  • Award-winning Tradologic platform
  • Nice welcome bonus
  • Great return on high/low trades

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“Your weapon against the market” is how SpearTrader positions itself in this crowded world of binary options brokers. This is not only a reference to the broker’s name, but also a way to explain the package of benefits you get when signing up. So what do you get? The standard package is in order with a potential welcome bonus of up to 100% and a return on high/low trades of 81%. But to truly see the power of this new broker, we will have to dig a little deeper. Join us in our Spear Trader review.

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Spear Trader Facts

Platform: Tradologic
Languages: English, German, and Dutch
Option types: High/Low, One Touch, Touch Up/Down, Range, Turbo
Bonus: Up to 100%
Minimum deposit: $350
Minimum trading amount: $10
Return (High/Low): Up to 81%
Remarks: Interesting specs, which make for a very interesting newcomer.

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Full Spear Trader Review

SpearTrader has its work cut out for it. As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, the binary options market is packed with brokers, and they are all looking to add a few traders to their clientele on a daily basis. So in order to attract you, the potential client, they will have to offer something extraordinary. And they do. Because when it comes to service, this broker is on a different level. Even for entry-level traders, there is a personal account manager available at your beck and call at Spear Trader. That is something we very rarely see in the binary options business.

SpearTrader Accounts and Bonuses

We’ve already lifted a little corner of the veil in terms of what you can expect as a new trader at SpearTrader. In this paragraph, we will tell you exactly what you will get for every dollar invested in your trading account.

spear trader

Entry Level Account (500 – 4,999)

If you’re just starting out as a trader, the Entry Level Account is perfect for you. Starting at only $500, you will get a bonus of at least 25%. This bonus can go up to 50%. But don’t be blinded by these numbers. It’s the other things you get that make Spear Trader a great choice. You will have a personal Entry Level Account Manager that you can contact through a direct line. For other support, there is a 24/7 Live phone and chat support. You will also get access to a trading academy that can compete with those of the leading brokers. If that’s not an interesting package starting at $500, we don’t know what is.

Priority Account (5,000 – 9,999)

Ready to step up your game? A Priority Account will give you everything mentioned above plus:

  • A Priority Account Manager, available 24/7
  • 20 Guided Broker trades
  • Priority Market Alerts
  • Withdrawals within 72 hours

You will also get more of everything Entry Level Account holders get, including more educational material and a higher bonus – 50 to 75% to be exact.

Executive Account (10,000-24,999)

What more can you get after seeing the premium service you get with a Priority Account? With the Executive Account, SpearTrader gives you mostly more of everything, such as 75 guided trades, and a 75 to 100% bonus. Of course there is also more educational material, and you’re able to withdraw your winnings faster (within 48 hours). On top of that, you get an iPad Air or Samsung Tab as a welcome gift, and enjoy a yearly interest of 2.5% on your account balance.

VIP Chairman’s Club (25,000 and up)

If you want to be part of the elite, you will have to deposit at least $25,000. Again, it’s more of everything – except the bonus, which seems to go no higher than 100%. The yearly interest on your trading account is 5%, and you get a special welcome gift.

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Trading With Spear Trader

But, to paraphrase an old saying: the proof of the broker is in the trading. Spear Trader has chosen Tradologic to provide the software for the trading room. This means you have a range of option types and trading tools at your disposal. You can trade these options on one of the longest lists of assets we’ve ever come across. No less than 218 underlying assets in 4 categories are available to the trader. That makes SpearTrader one of the most versatile brokers around.

spear trader trading

Option types

Spear Trader offers 5 option types, which we will discuss below.

Digital – This is your typical High/Low option type, but with a slight twist. Contrary to most brokers, SpearTrader offers you digital options that can expire not only in minutes, but also even in months. So actually, these are High/Low and Long Term options put together.

Touch – If you want to take a bit more risk (for a higher reward), try Touch Up/Down. Choose a price that you think the underlying asset will touch, and make a lot of money when it does.

Range – If your underlying asset price appears as if it’s going nowhere, try Range binary options. If the price stays within the range until it expires, you’re in the money.

Turbo – If you want to trade High/Low, but with faster expiries, try Turbos. These options can expire in as little as 45 seconds!

One Touch – Set a barrier higher or lower than the current rate, and make up to 550% on your trade if the rate touches the barrier before or when the trade expires! One Touch can be very tricky, but also very lucrative.

Trading tools

If your trade is active, and it seems to be going in the wrong direction, try the extra trading tools Spear Trader offers you. You can close early with the ‘Close Now’ tool, and sell your option back to the broker. The price will not be the same as what you’ve paid for it, but at least you will get back some of your losses. You can also opt for the ‘Roll Over’ tool, and extend the active period of the trade. This can give the trade some more time to make the difference between out of the money and in the money.

speartrader review

SpearTrader Trader Support & Education

So far, our Spear Trader review has been focusing on the high level of personal assistance traders get. You have also read above that SpearTrader offers one of the best educational sections in the field. Put these 2 together, and it will come as no surprise that this broker scores very high when it comes to support and education. Beginners and advanced traders can both find everything they need to increase their knowledge, whether it’s about the basics or an advanced trading strategy. Whatever it is you need, Spear Trader can help you with it.

To Sum Up Our Spear Trader Review

We believe that, if this were a race, SpearTrader would be standing on the podium with the most sophisticated brokers, possibly holding a gold medal. The personal service is something more brokers should incorporate in their business, and the packages Spear Trader offers can serve as a great lesson to the competition. To them, we say: watch out, because SpearTrader is here to take your clients!

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Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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  1. I love this platform, i suggest to contact a accountmanger from SpearTrader then have a lot of experience and can help you to the right direction!

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  2. Really nice broker , nice people with loads of experience. not like all the big companies that made me feel like I was a small fish in the sea and that if i am not donald trump I am not interesting to them at all.

    Made over 5K that was my goal and it happened only becouse of the help of this people.

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  3. Hey thanks allot did well with this broker. super nice and and professional team there I worked with BDB and OPTION RALLY and OPTIONBIT and many more but never had this service and profits provided before , specially with the easy withdrawal system speartrader have ! cheers happy new year to all

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  4. One of the best in the market.

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  5. Fantastic team ! I really recommend it!
    don’t go with anything less then 500 USD deposit so you can get the personal adviser to assist you with your trades . (i was a beginner when i started and it helped me allot)

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  6. best signals i got was from this site . over 76% accuracy tasted and proven

    you can talk with me if you like advices

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    • Hi,
      I am willing to invest in this platform. Can you please advise about providing legit documents to the account manager?

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  7. SPEARTRADER ist ein betrug ihr bekommt euer geld nicht ausgezahlt so war das bei mir so

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  8. Absolutely shit. First 500,–. Than at next 2.500,– to pay and at least they wonna have 15.000,-. To go for good signals. one Trade over 2.000,- bugs with complete capital about 2.500,–
    Take attention from Beckmann and Becker!!

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