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  • Published on: November 20, 2014
  • Last modified: September 30, 2015

Review Summary:

Great broker with nice bonuses and swift payouts. Also a very large educational section to help you on your way. Sign up at this all-British broker now!


Read Our StratX Markets Review Before Signing Up!

Our StratX Markets Review in bullets:

  • A true UK binary options broker
  • Award-winning trading platform
  • Great selection of underlying assets
  • Unprecedented trading academy


StratX Markets is a brand-new broker, aiming at a limited selection of countries. So this review is not for everyone. However, if you’re from the UK, this might just be the broker you’re looking for. Because there isn’t a more British binary options broker than this one. You almost feel like grabbing a cup of tea and a scone while reading our StratX Markets review. That’s how British they are! So are you from the UK and looking for a broker that understands your needs? Then you should definitely read our StratX Markets review.

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StratX Markets Facts

Platform: Tradologic

Languages: English, German, French

Option types: High / Low, One Touch, Range, 60 Seconds

Bonus: Up to 100%

Minimum trading amount: £ 10

Maximum trading amount: £ 5,000

Return (High/Low): 80%

Remarks: StratX Markets is a brand-new binary options broker aiming especially at the growing UK binary options market – and doing a great job at it.

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Full StratX Markets Review

StratX Markets has just entered the market, and already gained the interest from a lot of UK binary options traders. And we can understand why. Using the Tradologic platform, this broker can provide a flawless and user-friendly experience in a high-quality trading room. But everything around it can be made to perfectly meet the requirements of the demanding UK traders. One of the things StratX Markets takes very seriously, for example, is the security of its clients. Using the latest technology, this UK broker makes sure your details as well as your money is very safe. But what’s it like opening an account and trading? That you can read below in the rest of our StratX Markets review.

stratx markets review

StratX Markets Accounts and Bonuses

StratX Markets offers a very accessible account to anyone over 18 years old. Signing up is easy and can be very lucrative. Although StratX Markets is a bit secretive about the bonuses you can get when depositing your first amount, we can tell you there is a bonus of up to 100 percent. This means you can place your first trades with double the money, so double the chance of success with trading at StratX Markets.

Free Signals for Account Holders

And with your new StratX Markets account come a lot of benefits, such as free trading signals provided through a partnership with TechiTrade. TechiTrade is known worldwide as one of the leading binary options signals providers. These signals can be sent to your email or via SMS. All you need to receive these signals, is a StratX Markets account.

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Trading With StratX Markets

In the part of our StratX Markets review about trading, we can keep it short. Anybody who has ever seen a Tradologic trading room, knows that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to place the perfect trades. Even if you’ve never seen a binary options trading room in your life, it won’t take you long to get used to StratX Markets’ trading room.

StratX Markets has all the popular binary option types available in their trading room. This means you can trade regular high / low binary options, but also turbo, one touch, and range binary options. And those are exactly the ones you need, as we know from our experience. So only positive notes so far in our StratX Markets review.

stratx markets review

StratX Markets Trader Support

Binary options traders at StratX Markets can get all the support they want. Especially for the UK binary options traders, there is a telephone number where you can reach customer service for all your questions. Of course, you can also ask questions via live chat or email.

But what we have found more interesting when writing our StratX Markets review, is the amount and quality of the education material that StratX Markets provides. You can learn all about trading psychology and market analysis, and even attend trading seminars and webinars. Now there’s an added value for any trader at StratX Markets!

To Sum Up Our StratX Markets Review

Our StratX Markets review may have been aimed a bit (too much?) at the UK binary options traders. But there’s a good reason for that. StratX Markets itself is clearly focused on the UK traders. With all the support you need, a fantastic trading room, a generous bonus, and fantastic education material, this brand-new broker has all the ingredients to make it in the UK! We hope you will be as positive about this broker as we have been in our StratX Markets review.

Start Trading With StratX Markets Now!

Is StratX Markets the ideal binary options broker for you? Find out now and sign up! Click here to go to StratX Markets.


Note: binary options trading is considered high risk trading and is always at your own risk. Be sure you know what you’re doing before you start trading binary options. Binary Options Reporter cannot be held liable for any damage or other consequences caused by binary options trading.

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  1. Great broker! Been trading at StratX Markets for a few months now. Profits are good and payouts are fast!

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  2. i had no problems trading with this company the bonus was good and had no issues accessing my money

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  3. Made good profit in good amount of time. Target Reached!
    Highly Recommend!


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  4. Not bad made 50% in 3 months.

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  5. This is not a British company head office in the Marshall islands. registered office changes frequently.very hard to communicate with if something goes wrong. Does not pay out quickly. Bonus system is the worst their is, read the terms and conditions before you consider investing any money in this company.

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  6. Awful customer service. They seem to start the account by using a trader then leave it to an automated system which loses your money before the promised bonuses mature. It’s then impossible to speak to your account manager… stay clear of them

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  7. Steer clear! Zero customer service after the initial period where they are keen to get you to invest as much as you can. They start with an account manager who them disappear and the trade strategies change (seems from a trader to automated) and the account drains before the promised bonuses mature

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  8. Bad experience.
    Once bonus offer is accepted you are placed on auto decline (they call it an algorithm)that you can’t stop.
    Then the calls requiring additional funding to obtain access to more a competent trader.
    Do the sums, by the time you have made the required number of trades the account will broke.

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  9. STEER CLEAR I was continually pestered on the phone to invest with returns of 12%, I invested 10k and they lost it in 18 months,, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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  10. I am posting this as a warning to any of you thinking of trying your hand at binary options trading. This is not a commentary on whether these are suitable as investment products, but rather to alert you all to the criminality that is rife in this shady area of the financial world. Stratx Markets claim to be a leading binary options broker, but this is just a sham for what is a blatant confidence trick. You may be attracted by the promise of above average returns, not too outlandish that they scare you away. If you do decide to risk it, all will look to be above board until you notice some rather odd trades being executed on your account, with strikes so far off the market as to be almost comical. The idea is simple. These odd transactions are meant to fail so that any funds you placed in your account are reduced to nothing. The bonus you are offered, or the “hedge” that they claim was placed to protect against losses on these trades makes it look as if you still have your original investment, or close to it, in your account. If you try and withdraw these funds you will find that you can’t, because the bonus can only be withdrawn if you execute transactions of 30 times the value of your original deposit. This is fundamentally impossible to achieve. Even if you do manage to make any profit over the “bonus” amounts, a withdrawal request is not honoured and before you know it, another strange transaction appears on your account reducing any balance below the bonus amount. Calls to the company are never answered. This is blatant thievery and there is very little you can do about it. Even questions in parliament have resulted in no action being taken against these criminals, and mark my words, these are criminals of the most disgusting kind. If you want to trade binary options, only sign up with a reputable broker who also offer other products, such as CFDs, and who are regulated by the FCA. Avoid Stratx Markets and any other organisation like it because they are just criminals

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